nt balloons delivered, not gorilla gram , Do you do that?”

A: ” Yes, We offer regular Human deliveries as well.”


Q: ” What happens if I have to cancel / we go back into lock down?”

A: ” No worries, You get an credit that stays in the system till you use it up.

We do not give cash/credit card refunds.


Q: “How much will a fun telegram cost?”

A: “Price depends on Which character,  which city  it is to be done in, and the time frame.

The bigger the time frame, the more choices of characters you can choose from.”


Q: “How far in advance do I need to place an order?”

A: “Orders are on a first come first served basis. The bigger the time frame we have to do the delivery in, gets you a larger the variety of characters  to choose from. Payments confirm your orders.”


Q:   “Will you fill my balloons I got on Amazon? 

A. We love all balloons. But KNOW THAT not all balloons you buy on the internet will float with helium. Regular size latex balloons are $3 each. Regular round or heart mylars are $4 each, Shapes are $15 each. Numbers are $15 each


  Q: “What can I do with balloons that can NOT be filled with Helium.

A: We air fill balloons with plain Air, SO THEY WILL not FLOAT, for a $1 each. Most balloons can put on a balloon bunch base ,so they will sit upright. Bases are $8 each


Q: “Can you blow me some balloons and I’ll pick them up later?”

A: “You are welcome to pre pay over the phone with a credit or debit card, then we can pre blow. We are very fast 😉


Q: “What are your retail store hours?”

A: “Our Retail spot” is Staffed and on the corner of

Wisconsin and Richmond in Appleton.

We are open 8am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

Saturday 8am to 3pm, and Sunday 10am to 1pm.


 Q: How long do you Balloons last indoors?

A: Our Regular helium balloons last 1 to 2 days indoors,

Air filled art like balloon bunch or flower bunch or balloon beams Last 7- 20 days!


 Q: ” I can not pick the date /time I want for delivery in the online order form.

A: “The online order form has a ~minimum time in advance~ requirements . So It is Best To call us for ‘same day or Next day’ Orders 920-730-9009


Q: “Do you do singing telegrams?”

A: “Sure, what’s the occasion? We do comedy skit acting. The granny sings happy birthday, the witch doctor calls in the great spirits, and the Valentino reads a mushy love poem. All of our characters bring balloons, have a personal message card, and act like whatever they are.”


Q: “How long do they stay?”

A: “Long enough to give away the balloons, act like whatever they are, pose for pictures, So however long that takes.”


Q: “When will the delivery come?”

A: “We are just like UPS we go from one delivery, to the next, to the next kind of thing.” We can call you en-route if you ask for a “call 1st” text/call.