Common questions:

Q: “Are you OPEN?”

A: ” Yes,  Call ahead for pick up orders or a no contact

         In your Yard A Grams.”


Q: “I just want balloons delivered, not gorilla gram , Do you do that?”

A: ” Yes, We offer regular Human deliveries as well.”


Q: “How much will a fun telegram cost?”

A: “Price depends on Which character,  which city  it is to be done in, and if its during the daytime or nighttime  & the time frame.

The bigger the time frame, the more choices of characters you can choose from.”


Q: “How far in advance do I need to place an order?”

A: “Orders are on a first come first served basis. The bigger the time frame we have to do the delivery in, gets you a larger the variety of characters  to choose from. Payments confirm your orders.”


Q: “Do you rent helium tanks?”

A: “We can inflate ‘your balloons’ and you can take them with you. 75 fit in a mini copper, 50 fit in most cars back seats, and 150 in a mini-van. We do not rent helium tanks to the public.”


Q: “Can you blow me some balloons and I’ll pick them up later?”

A: “You are welcome to pre pay over the phone with a credit or debit card, then we can pre blow. We are very fast 😉


Q: “What are your retail store hours?”

A: “Our Retail spot” is Staffed and on the corner of

Wisconsin and Richmond in Appleton.

We are open 8am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

Saturday 8am to 3pm, and Sunday 10am to 1pm.


 Q: How long do you Balloons last indoors?

A: Our Regular helium balloons last 1 to 2 days indoors,

Air filled art like balloon bunch or flower bunch or balloon beams Last 7- 20 days!



Q: “Do you do singing telegrams?”

A: “Sure, what’s the occasion? We do comedy skit acting. The granny sings happy birthday, the witch doctor calls in the great spirits, and the Valentino reads a mushy love poem. All of our characters bring balloons, have a personal message card, and act like whatever they are.”


Q: “How long do they stay?”

A: “Long enough to give away the balloons, act like whatever they are, pose for pictures, So however long that takes.”


Q: “When will the delivery come?”

A: “We are just like UPS we go from one delivery, to the next, to the next kind of thing.” We can call you en-route if you ask for a “call 1st” text/call.